Thanks to all who helped us help local rough sleepers on Christmas Day and New Year’s Day.

Our Emmaus Village Carlton Rucksack Stomp team made extra-special visits to Northampton town centre on these holiday days. Normally this hard-working team of companions volunteer there every Wednesday evening, offering help to those sleeping rough by handing out supplies they pack into rucksacks to carry around.

Instead of rucksacks, for these special visits they brought a van full of supplies including toiletries, clothing, sleeping bags, food and drink to hand out. We hope it made a little bit of difference to those who needed it most.

Christian, one of our team of companion volunteers said: “Thanks to everyone who donated supplies for us to hand out. Special appreciation goes to the lovely locals who arrived with hot Christmas dinners and to those who stopped to give us cash donations because they’d seen us before on our weekly visits and wanted to help.”

Please help…

Anyone wishing to support the weekly work of the Rucksack Stomp can donate sleeping bags as well as warm clothing such as hoodies, jogging bottoms, hats, gloves and scarves. Supplies can be dropped off at the Emmaus Village Carlton reception building, School Lane, Carlton MK43 7LQ

We are always looking for volunteer drivers to support us with the Rucksack Stomps to Northampton each Wednesday. If you are interested in becoming a volunteer as a driver, or any of our other roles please visit our Volunteering page.

Thank you